20+ Grants for Homesteaders and Beginner Farmers

We have all had that dream to either start a farm or build a remote homestead where we can raise our families, a way to escape from the daily hustle and bustle of our daily lives. When we fight traffic to and from our mundane jobs, we fantasies about a simpler life where our hard work is rewarded and traditional values are paramount.

Homesteading Farm Grants

Unfortunately in a society overburdened with debt and little savings, the dreams will always remain that. We are proud people who never look for a handout but without help, we continue on this path of unattainable aspirations.

My wife and I were lucky to find our little micro homestead but even still I think of one day owning something that I can proudly pass on to our next generation.

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Whenever I publish to our blog, it’s usually something that I am experiencing first hand. I enjoy sharing my search for something greater. I recently set out on a quest to find private and government funding that my family can use to take our search for sustainability to the next step. Over the last several weeks I cataloged all the financial resources I can find. Most of them don’t apply to us but they may appeal to you and yours. Even if just one of these programs can help, you have a good starting point to begin your own journey to personal fulfillment.

Farm and Homesteading Grants

    1. Start2Farm is a collection of programs and resources for beginning farmers and ranchers in the US. The Start2Farm program is funded through the USDA, Beginning Farming and Ranching Development Program grant and was developed to assist people new to farming or ranching and those who have less than 10 years’ experience. Farm Grants

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