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5 Ways to Reuse Household Items in the Garden

Recycling and being self-sufficient are two important elements to becoming more green and reducing our impact on the planet. Being able to repurpose household items in the garden is a great way to use the things that we would otherwise discard and give them new life. Being creative with what we already have around the […]

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7 DIY Insect Sprays For Your Garden

DIY Insect Spray

Insects in the garden can become very destructive if they are not dealt with properly, and can settle into a plot and be very hard to remove later. It is important to figure out what pest is attacking your garden, and from that, you can create a spray to help remove them. Growing your own […]

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Top 10 Herbs To Grow In Your Garden

Herbs from the garden make all the difference in a home cooked meal, and are easy to grow. Many dry well, allowing them to be available either fresh or dried, year round. Herbs in the garden attract pollinators, and for the most part, are deer resistant. Many have a great fragrance to them, and make […]

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Best Survival and Bushcraft Axe Reviews and Comparison Guide

Survival knives are a good tool to have in your arsenal, but sometimes some jobs are better suited for something a little bigger and stronger such as abushcraftaxe. Unlike survival knives, the axe has three major sections: The edge or blade, the head, and the handle.Typically, the sharp edge of an axe is made of […]

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6 Best Food Preservation Methods Infographic

A quick primer on food preservation methods that you can use now Source: Blog

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10 Medical Supplies Every Prepper Needs

10 Medical Supplies Every Prepper Should Have

Medical needs can arise anywhere, anytime. They aren’t going to keep out of your life just because there’s some other major problem you’re currently facing. In fact, more often than not, medical problems follow other devastating events in life. So if you’ve had to evacuate your house because it’s been damaged by an earthquake or […]

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Top 5 Ways To Have a Deer Free Garden

5 ways deer free garden

Deer can be a real problem to gardens and can cause a great deal of damage to crops and flowers alike. Young deer can be especially destructive because they are inexperienced and eager to try new things, and often eat plants that more mature deer generally leave alone. Whether you grow food for your own […]

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5 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Aphids for Good

5 ways to get rid of aphids

After all the work that goes into growing and maintaining a garden, the last thing that you want is to have pests arriving and destroying all the hard work. Aphids are notorious for coming into your garden and quickly spreading across the new growth and damaging everything in their path. For a pest so small, […]

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Top 10 Must Grow Heirloom Tomatoes

With more people looking to grow their own produce, and with the renewed interest in organics and sustainable farming, heirloom tomatoes are seeing new popularity. Grown for their color, taste, and size, heirloom tomatoes provide many unique traits that are traditionally not found in the common red tomato. Being a mutation or variant of the […]

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10 Ingenious DIY Mosquito and Fly Traps

DIY Mosquito Traps

Building your own Mosquito and Fly Trap is simple, easy, and can be made with supplies and tools that most of us have at home.

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