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Even though the Homestead act was enacted in 1862, the history of homesteads in Alaska began in the 1890’s. To date, over 3000 homesteaders have taken land in Alaska. 

Even with the free land being offered it has always been a bit slow due to poor weather and soils. Alaska, although very beautiful can be a rugged place to live off the land. Part of the deal when getting the free land is the requirement to farm part of your acreage.

The Alaskan government continues to encourage the settlement and developing of land and resources in the area. This process is regulated by the Department of Natural Resources in Alaska. It is common to have land available to the public through two types of programs.

The first is a sealed-bid auction program. The parcels are awarded to the highest bidder, and any land not sold is available at an appraised value.

The second program is the Remote Recreational Cabin Sites. This allows the applicant to own land for recreational use in a designated remote staking area.

UPDATE:  Alaska no longer has federal lands available.  All land in Alaska is being managed by the state of Alaska and they are currently only offering it to Alaska residents.

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