Top 100 Prepper & Survival Websites

  1. Preparedness Mama
    Preparedness Mama

    Taking the Scared Out of Being Prepared

  2. Be A Better Prepper
    Be A Better Prepper

    Are You Ready For What’s Coming?

  3. Ask a Prepper
  4. The Organic Prepper
    The Organic Prepper

    Find tips for healthy prepping with some homesteading adventures from a beginner’s perspective at

  5. More Than Just Surviving
    More Than Just Surviving

    A survival blog that covers bushcraft, wilderness survival, household preparedness, and self-sufficiency. Features reviews on survival gear such as knives and flashlights.

  6. Food Storage Moms
    Food Storage Moms

    “To share ideas about food storage and preparedness and help one family at a time

  7. Prepared Housewives
    Prepared Housewives

    SIMPLIFIED: Food Storage • Emergency Prep • Survival Skills

  8. Food Storage and Survival
  9. Happy Preppers
    Happy Preppers

    Site for survivalists, preppers and homesteaders: Methods of self-sufficiency for survivalists and preppers, including survival gear reviews, prepper lists, homesteading skills, and food storage tips.

  10. Bug Out Bag Essentials
    Bug Out Bag Essentials

    Do you know what your Bug Out Bag essentials are? Let us be your guide to the survival tactics and gear that will keep YOU alive when disaster strikes.

  11. Brian's Backpacking Blog
  12. Food Storage Made Easy
  13. Survival at Home
    Survival at Home

    Homesteading and preparedness for the modern family.

  14. Survival Forums
    Survival Forums

    Modern survival and preparedness forums – Information for wilderness and urban preppers during uncertain times. Bushcraft, Firearms and self sufficiency.

  15. Modern Survival Online
    Modern Survival Online Thoughts on Survival and the World Today

  16. Prepper's Will
    Prepper’s Will

    We have the will to outlast everything!

  17. Preparedness Advice Blog
    Preparedness Advice Blog

    Preparedness Advice Blog – Information on all aspects of emergency preparedness and food storage.

  18. Prepper Website
    Prepper Website

    Prepper Website is the place where you can find the best of preparedness, homesteading, bushcraft and survival articles, videos and podcasts for preppers.

  19. Preparedness Pro
  20. TinHatRanch

    Information on SHTF, survival, survival skills, bug out bags, bushcraft, prepping, survival gear reviews, homesteading and more, THR is your source for survival

  21. Modern Combat & Survival
    Modern Combat & Survival

    Started by a 10-yr combat vet, Modern Combat And Survival magazine and product lineup seek to empower like-minded citizens with the skills to survive any disaster, crisis or attack.

  22. Geek Prepper
    Geek Prepper

    Survival and prepper skills articles, DIY projects, gear reviews and information on homesteading and self-sufficiency from a geek.

  23. Brown Thumb Mama
    Brown Thumb Mama

    Natural living. Healthy eating. Attempted gardening.

  24. The Modern Survivalist
  25. TheSurvivalPlaceBlog

    Surviving The World As We Know It (by TheSurvivalGuy)

  26. Prepper Resources
    Prepper Resources

    Information for Preppers who wish to achieve self reliance in an ever changing world.

  27. Survivalist Prepper
    Survivalist Prepper

    Where Survivalists And Preppers Prepare To Survive

  28. Homestead Dreamer
    Homestead Dreamer

    Working toward a more self sufficient life and trying to be prepared for the unknown.

  29. reThink Survival
    reThink Survival

    Learning to Live a Better Life With My Family and be Better Prepared too!

  30. Urban Survival
    Urban Survival

    The ORIGINAL UrbanSurvival site. Longwave Economics, financial and the Mothership of prepping and deep thinking.

  31. Code Green Prep
    Code Green Prep

    Skills and Tools for Life

  32. On Point Preparedness
    On Point Preparedness

    On Point Preparedness is a networking and educational resource for those who believe in liberty, self sufficiency and preparedness.

  33. Preppers Survive
    Preppers Survive

    A Simple “How To” Site for Preppers

  34. Ready4itAll
  35. Apartment Prepper
    Apartment Prepper

    Family Preparedness in an Apartment Setting by Bernie Carr

  36. How to Survive It
    How to Survive It

    Survival tips to thrive and stay safe in a world that often isn’t. Survival, self-reliance, prepping, self-defense, and more.

  37. Prepperology

    Get informed on the latest survival articles, prepping tips and gear reviews.

  38. Black Scout Survival
  39. Homestead & Prepper
    Homestead & Prepper

    Homestead & Prepper is a blog geared towards people who are interested in survival, being prepared and becoming more self reliant.

  40. Survival Punk
    Survival Punk

    Survival with a punk attitude

  41. Home Ready Home
    Home Ready Home

    Welcome to Home Ready Home—a blog to help you build a more self-reliant life.

  42. An American Homestead
    An American Homestead

    A family leaves the city in 2012 to live off-grid and build a homestead to raise healthy food for a sustainable living.

  43. Prepper Recon
    Prepper Recon

    Prepper news and info links, as well as practical tips to prepping on a budget.

  44. The Backyard Pioneer
    The Backyard Pioneer

    Gardening, Gear, Grub, and Guns.

  45. Master Woodsman
    Master Woodsman

    Articles about primitive skills, classic camping, wilderness survival, and homesteading

  46. Reality Survival
    Reality Survival

    All about prepping, wilderness survival & bushcraft techniques, gun, knife and outdoor gear reviews!

  47. Prepper Central
  48. Family Survival Planning
    Family Survival Planning

    I know – survival planning, gathering survival supplies, food storage — it all seems overwhelming. Every day there are headlines in the news that ‘should’ motivate each of us to prepare as quickly as we can. Survival planning isn’t ju

  49. Survival Prepper
    Survival Prepper

    Top Survival & Prepper Info, Reviews, and News

  50. Expert Prepper Blog
    Expert Prepper Blog

    Expert Prepper- Survival Gear, Prepper Skills, News, Tips, SHTF plans. Expert Advice and tips blog for preparedness info and off the grid living.

  51. The Weekend Prepper
    The Weekend Prepper

    Prepping Your Family for Disasters – Big and Small

  52. Survive Hive
    Survive Hive

    Survivehive is a Survival, Preparedness and Anything Outdoor Blog dedicated to bringing you great articles, guide, and ideas to help you be better prepared!

  53. Mama Kautz
    Mama Kautz

    Essential Preparedness, Iced Coffee in Hand

  54. Survival Ring
  55. Survivalist Daily
  56. Survival Shelf
    Survival Shelf

    A survival and preparedness link curation site created to help both preppers and survivalists on their quest to live a more self-sufficient, ready lifestyle.

  57. Enjoy The Wilderness with BushcraftBartons
    Enjoy The Wilderness with BushcraftBartons

    Our goal is to inspire and excite people to go back and spend time in nature. A priceless connection that we have lost.

  58. Around The Cabin
    Around The Cabin

    We are the pioneers of Live Shows. Why listen to radio when you can see it live. Live shows for homesteading, camping, bushcraft, survival, forage, reviews, and fishing, hunting topics. We have shows Sunday through Friday evenings with chat.

  59. SHTF Survival Blog
    SHTF Survival Blog

    The Home For Survival blog prepares you on how to react to disasters with simple, easy to implement steps also known as a SHTF plan.

  60. Primed For Survival
    Primed For Survival

    Get primed in the latest survival and prepper tips on a budget.

  61. Zombease

    Learn To Outlive the Undead

  62. Bug Out Survival
  63. Crisis Survivor Tips
  64. Survival Barracks Prepper Blog
    Survival Barracks Prepper Blog

    Prepare – Be Ready – Survive

  65. Shepherd School
  67. Dressage Training Online
    Dressage Training Online

    Dressage training videos streamed directly to your desktop! Over 1500 videos, basics through Grand Prix.

  68. Notes From The Bunker
  69. The Prepared Ninja
    The Prepared Ninja

    The path to preparedness

  70. Survival Pulse
    Survival Pulse

    A one-stop resource for up-to-date survival news. Visit for daily survivalist, prepper, and homesteading links from around the web.

  71. Freedom Preppers
    Freedom Preppers

    Learn the importance of a preparedness plan to preppers. Because you never know when the day before … is the day before. Prepare for tomorrow with prepping tips as part of your survival, prepper plan.

  72. Patriot Liberty
  73. Doomsday Moose
    Doomsday Moose

    This blog contains various articles relating to our impending doom, and hopefully will improve your your chances for surviving the coming apocalypse.

  74. The Approaching Day Prepper
    The Approaching Day Prepper

    Preparing for The Approaching Day

  75. Trayer Wilderness
    Trayer Wilderness

    Homesteading Traditionally Off-grid Today ~ Survival and Preparedness For Tomorrow – Home of the MultiFlame Tools, a multipurpose, light weight fire piston, survival tool – TrayerOutdoors



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