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10 Alternative Methods Of Cooking During SHTF

by Anthony

I seem to always focus on long term food storage but I recently realized that I have overlooked a few topics. Such as the person who stores hundreds of canned goods but forgets the can opener, I would like to talk about different cooking methods that you can use during a short term or long term emergency.

Several years ago I moved in to a new apartment. I stopped by the local grocery store in order to fill my new fridge with some much needed food. That evening while watching Top Gun on VHS, I decided the O to make myself some microwave popcorn, a must for any movie night. As I unwrapped the Orville Redenbacher, I suddenly realized that I didn’t have a microwave. Needless to say I felt like a total Shmuck and I had no popcorn.

The lesson I learned above can be applied to prepping. Always look at every step of survival no matter how small. Did we think of everything? Did we overlook that small important detail? With that said here are 10 ways to cook when the SHTF.

  1. The Outdoor Grill

    Seems obvious enough, right? But don’t underestimate this backyard burner. In addition to grilling, most newer grills have burners and other features that make cooking a breeze. Will work great and probably will be your first method of cooking until the propane or charcoal runs out.

    Watch This Great Video of This Guys Build! Amazing
  2. Rocket Stove

    A rocket stove is not only an efficient cooking tool but also pretty simple to make. It uses small twigs or tinder which is burned in a high temp combustion chamber in combination with a vertical chimney.Rocket Stove Rocket Stove Tutorial

  3. Hobo Stove

    The little brother of the rocket stove. Usually made with a coffee or paint can. These simple stoves can be made ahead of time and for only a few bucks. Here is a great tutorial on making a Hobo Stove.Hobo Stove

  4. Swedish Fire Log

    Quite simply, the Swedish log candle is a large upright log with three downward cuts that run almost the entire length of the log. Cook right on top.Swedish Log

  5. Coleman Camp Stove

    My all time favorite, actually I just bought another one at a flea market while up in the mountains. This camping classic has never let me down. Easy to prepare multiple meals with the two burners.Coleman Camp Stove

  6. Open Fire & Dutch Oven

    Simple and classic and one of my favorites. Build a fire and use either a stick or rocks to hold your dutch oven or place directly over the coals. I used this a lot when I was younger when we would go camping. Dutch ovens are a must have, I was lucky enough to get mine super cheap at a garage sale. I suggest adding one to your prep.Dutch Oven Campfire

  7. Stove Pipe Oven

    Now this is cool. Even if the first 6 cooking methods you have seen before, I doubt you have seen this. A small oven that attaches to your wood burner stove pipe.stove pipe oven

  8. Wood Burning Stove

    One of my first projects after we moved in to our home, get rid of the propane fireplace and put in a wood burning stove. Not only is this a great heat source but in colder weather, you don’t have to cook outside.wood burning stove

  9. Soda Can Stove

    I have mixed feelings about these but they are simple to make and can be quite handy for some situation. Although not ideal for a lot of cooking, it will cook small game and hot dogs.


  10. Backpacking Stove

    Last but not least, these small stoves attach directly to your fuel canister. Fits right in your bug out bag.
    backpacking stove

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KnurledNut September 28, 2015 - 8:04 am

With regards to #10, they use a fuel mix of butane/propane, not the standard 1lb.
propane tank.

FatherGuido December 5, 2015 - 5:39 pm

I learned to make a hob stove many years ago when was a boy scout.
Have a nice day.


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