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10 Medical Supplies Every Prepper Needs

by Anthony

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Medical needs can arise anywhere, anytime. They aren’t going to keep out of your life just because there’s some other major problem you’re currently facing. In fact, more often than not, medical problems follow other devastating events in life. So if you’ve had to evacuate your house because it’s been damaged by an earthquake or flood (fortunately sparing your life and that of your family), the after effects of such an event may manifest themselves in injuries or illness, apart from other impacts.

The conclusion is obvious: As a prepper you need to be well equipped with all the necessary medical supplies that you’re likely to need in an emergent situation. So what are the medical supplies you definitely should have in your first-aid kit? Here’s a list of 10 medical supplies we’ve prepared for you, and which we believe every prepper needs.

Gauze pads

You never really know when you, or your family members, may end up with a wound that needs to be quickly cleaned and covered to prevent infections. Ideally, your first-aid kit should have gauze pads of different sizes, say 4” x 4” and 2” x 2”. You can use these pads to create a band aid or a bandage. Either way, they help keep an open wound covered and safe from infection.


That ordinary little thing which you’ve always had lying around at home, and have taken for granted, can actually be a lifesaver in certain situations. Band-Aids help in providing quick treatment of open wounds—small or big, nothing like it. Thus a Band-Aid, especially a water-proof one, is quite a necessity for a prepper’s first aid kit. Since they come quite cheap, you can actually have a whole lot of them at hand for an emergency. And ensure that the stock doesn’t start disappearing, leaving you with nothing when you’re actually caught in a survival situation and in desperate need of one.

Ace Wrap

Talking of wounds, an Ace Wrap is another good aid to have. It can be used to hold a dressing securely in place. What’s more, you can in fact use it to secure a splint in case of sprain or strain. So make sure your first aid box has some of these wraps, in case you end up needing something to hold a split or dressing in place during an emergency situation.

Duct tape

Easily available, a duct tape is what hospitals use instead of an adhesive or tape. It has more compression and is thus more effective in applying pressure on wounds and stop bleeding quickly. There’s really no harm keeping this tape in your survival kit for those times when you, or your family members, can’t make it to a hospital. Duct tape will ensure that your injury doesn’t get worse by the time you get access to medical help.

SilvaSorb Gel

Whether a wound or a burn injury, before you decide to wrap it up with tape or gauze, it’s a good idea to apply this ointment on it. Since it contains silver, this gel is absolutely the works in preventing infection and expediting the healing process. You can even use it on diabetic foot wounds and certain kinds of rashes for a fast cure. In short, it’s a quick-relief product that’s a must to have in a medical kit.

Hydrocortisone cream

This is another ointment that a good first aid kit really needs. It works well on rashes, as well as insect and mosquito bites, and also poison ivy. In the case of a natural disaster or even evacuation, these are some problems you’re likely to be afflicted with, especially if you’re forced to stay out in the open. This cream is, in fact, the first thing you should think of if you’ve ended up scratching your skin and it’s beginning to itch or crack. It works quite fast, thus preventing the onset of infection.

Saline solution

Coming back to wounds, a good way to clean it is to use a normal saline solution. No, we’re not talking of the medicated kind which hospitals use and can be a costly option. We’re referring to just a bottle of plain water with salt, which is said to be excellent for cleaning out wounds and even removing an insect or any such thing that may happen to get into your eye. And the best part is it’s inexpensive and easily available at the chemist’s.

Digital thermometer

Another common problem you need to be prepared for is the flu. There are so many different kinds of fevers one can suffer from. But whatever the cause, a digital thermometer is the only way of ascertaining how bad it is and what course of treatment you should follow. Perhaps things aren’t as bad as you believe them to be, and a digital thermometer is a good way of ruling out any serious issues with your health.


Allergies can be a common medical problem, whether trying to survive inside a house or out in a natural environment. You don’t always know what your body might react to, or you may be simply prone to seasonal allergies. Benadryl not only helps fight allergies, it’s also a great sedative. You can even use it to combat nausea, quickly and effectively.

Vicks VapoRub

Congestion is another common problem, especially when exposed to changing weather conditions, say a sudden burst of cold. Vicks VapoRub will help you decongest and also works on toe nail fungus. It’s definitely another good item to have among your medical supplies.

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