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10 Places Where You Can Learn & Practice Your Prepping Skills

by Anthony

Prepper Skills

Prepping to survive a disaster or some catastrophic event is a wise decision. More and more people are realizing the need to prepare their families to live and thrive after major event turns the world upside down. Unfortunately, many preppers make one mistake—they don’t practice the skills they learn or apply them in real-life situations. Reading book and watching people on YouTube is not the same as actually doing. Check out these 10 places you can learn and practice the prepping skills that may save the life of a loved on in the future.

Survival Skills

1. Become a Volunteer Firefighter

Volunteering with your local fire station is an excellent way to get some good, free, hands-on training. You will get the opportunity to work with experienced firefighters and will often get the chance to attend training classes for free or at steep discounts. You will likely need to commit to being available for a certain amount of time each month to maintain your status as a volunteer.

2. Become a Scout Leader

When you go through the process to become a scout leader, you will also have access to a variety of free and low-cost training classes. Because you will be expected to teach skills to your troops, a leader must be taught first. This is a way to learn and practice skills that will help you survive in the outdoors.

3. Join a Local 4H

Survival is often about learning to be self-sufficient, which will typically include raising animals and gardening. The 4H program is all about raising healthy animals that can be used for breeding as well as food. The skills you learn in 4H will be extremely important and useful when there are no grocery stores to visit when your family needs food.

4. Check out Z.E.R.T.

This is an excellent opportunity for the entire family. There is no age limit. You will need to pay a yearly membership fee as well as additional fees for the extra training courses that are offered. The courses are offered by elite special forces officers who can provide valuable knowledge you wouldn’t find in any typical survival course.

5. Take EMT Classes

Emergency Medical Technician courses are typically offered by most community colleges. The classes are very short and cost under $1000 to complete. The training you will receive is invaluable. Emergency first aid knowledge will come in handy in the aftermath of a major event. Volunteering and using your EMT skills regularly will help keep the skills fresh as well as help you learn more from your hands on experience.

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