Home Prepper 10 Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Secure

10 Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Secure

by Anthony

We expect our homes to be safe havens and a place where we can have peace and feel secure. But this isn’t always the case. Thousands of homes are invaded every year. The sad reality is that home invasions are a fact of life, and unfortunately everyone has to be mindful of them because no one wants to experience the horrific trauma of a burglar.

Being the victim of a burglary in your home can be traumatic. You could incur financial losses as a result. But more devastating are the mental and even physical repercussions. It simply can be terrifying knowing that someone has been in your home and gone through your personal belongings.

Even worse is if you are in the home when the home invasion occurs! Being too laid back with your behaviors can be an issue. So for example, if you tend to leave a key out under a stone or under a flowerpot, then stop! That is one of the first places that a prospective burglar will look in order to gain access.

Research shows that many home invaders also gain access via the back door when left unopened, so always have this locked; even when inside!

The guys at Senator Windows have put this infographic together which includes 10 actionable steps that you can follow to make your home more secure. Follow these guidelines to ward off any unwanted intruders, check out the full infographic below!

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