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12 ingenious emergency lights lanterns and candles

by Anthony

A flashlight is a pretty standard piece of gear in any home. However, how many times have you reached for the flashlight and discovered the batteries were dead? Or maybe it just quit working altogether. Unless you invest in high quality, expensive flashlights, you are likely to come across this problem quite often. Typical flashlights are heavy and they require a lot of batteries, which are also heavy. You need a backup to the flashlight. While they are certainly very handy when you need a quick light, you will do yourself a huge favor by having some standbys for when you are sitting around at home when the electricity is out. Prepping is all about having backups for your backups.

These are 12 ingenious ways to light up your home when the lights go out.


Emergency Solar Lights

Head to the dollar store and buy several of the outdoor solar lights. These come with batteries and do not require you to do much more than leave the lights outside or in a bright window to get charged. The lights provide plenty of light when you put them in a room. In fact, the soft glow is pleasant and you will still be able to fall asleep. You can either hang the lights from the ceiling to act as a lamp or duct tape them to the hall to provide enough light to maneuver through the house without tripping.


Crisco Candle

Make an emergency candle that will burn for days out of a can of Crisco or another brand of shortening. Buy a wick, use a butter knife to push the wick through the center of the shortening and you have a quick, easy and fairly inexpensive candle. Make a Crisco Candle

Crisco Candle

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