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3 Really Awesome Liberty Gun Safes

by Anthony

In an article I wrote called Top 10 Gun Safes, I discovered a type of safe that I think you’ll love and that I wanted to share with you now. Liberty Safes & Security Products began in 1988 by building six safes a day in 3 rental storage units and in just 6 short years, Liberty Safes became the #1 selling home & guns safes in America and has held that position ever since! Today, some 24 years later, Liberty now produces as many as 500 safes a day on a 23-acre, 205,000 Sq. Ft. production & distribution facility located in Payson, Utah.


In addition, although 80% of all Liberty safes are currently made in the Payson, Utah facility, Liberty will be closing out the remaining offshore models during the 2012-2014 years as they make the transition back to the USA! Consequently, Liberty Safe & Security has recently invested $10 million dollars in a high-end production facility that will enable them to bring the production of all entry-level safes back to the United States. In fact, Liberty safes are in such demand that last year alone, Liberty Safes built and sold more than 125,000 gun safes (doubling their nearest competitor) and this year, after 25 years of selling safes, they will have sold more than 1.5 million of them! Thus, Liberty Safes has obviously gained a strong reputation for producing high quality fire and security safes that provide reliable, long term, performance and dependable service.

When you’re looking at Liberty, you are looking at the elite of gun safes.

As a gun owner, safety and responsibility are two things that you hold dear. First of all, you are looking for a safe so that you can keep the guns locked up in a safe place where no one can get to them without your permission. At the same time, you need to protect the guns themselves in case there is a fire or a break-in. A good Liberty gun safe gives you both things. The gun safe reviews below will show you where to start.

The Fatboy

Liberty Safes

The Fatboy is one of the top selling safes in the world, the flagship of the line. It can hold 64 guns, setting it far ahead of most other safes in its class. You can easily store away all of your collection with room to spare. Do not worry that the numbers are inflated with handgun shelves, either — that total is 64 long guns, though shelves can be used to add handguns if you would like.

The safe also has a fire rating at 1,200 degree for one hour. That is plenty of time for most house fires, protecting your investment even if everything else is lost. The interior LED lights make it easy to see the guns as you are making your selection, even when you are keeping it dark on the way to a morning hunt. LED bulbs last for years, and the included electrical plug kit means you never need batteries. If you have a lot of guns, this is the safe for you.

The Presidential

Liberty Safes

The Presidential is the top of the line. It comes in a few different colors, including a beautiful white finish, so that you can find one to match your home or your cabin. The fire protection on this safe is more than twice that of the Fatboy, with 2.5 hours of protection even in a fire that is roaring at 1,200 degrees. This safe is dedicated to keeping your guns from any damage. The handle is a wheel with five spokes; it looks as elegant as the name of the safe implies, and it is also very easy to use.

This is also a safe that is about more than just functionality and usefulness. Those values are at the heart of the design, as evidenced by the fire protection rating, but it is not as spartan as some of the other safes in the class. It was also designed to look great. The beveled edges are a small touch, for example, that you will really love. There are different color options for the different sizes, running through 25, 40 and 50. The gorgeous finishing touches, from the logo on the top to the name of the safe scrolled across the bottom, really round out the good looks.

The Colonial

Liberty Safes

If you are reading about Liberty gun safes because you want something that is not as big as the mammoth Fatboy and not quite as expensive as the top-end Presidential, you should look at the Colonial Series. It is the first model that offers fire protection — 45 minutes at 1,200 degrees — which makes it worth the little bit of extra cost. It has a classic three-point handle, which is far superior to the single-point handles found on other safes.

The Colonial lets you choose from nine different colors, including a rich burgundy and a deep emerald. You can pick from three different types of hardware, which are black chrome, standard chrome, and brass. The 23 gun model is the smallest, but you can also get a 40 or a 50 if you desire.

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