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5 Survival Tools You Should Always Have With You

by Anthony

EDC Every Day Carry
The scary thing about a survival situation is that you never know when you will end up in one.  That’s why it never hurts to be prepared.  Even if all that you have on you is what is in your pockets, that’s better than nothing.

If you’re familiar with the concept of everyday carry (EDC), then you know that it refers to basic but useful items that one carries on their person each and every day.  In this article, we are going to discuss five different survival tools that should be a part of your EDC so that you will always have them on you for when a survival situation occurs:


The compass is the classic navigational tool, and we should all agree that navigation is a critical part of any survival situation so you can know the direction you need to go in order to walk out. Not only that, but the compass is also incredibly small and unobtrusive.  You can carry it on you and forget that you even have it. 

The only thing to watch out for is to avoid cheap compasses that always point north or that come on cheap whistles. It is well worth the investment to spend more money on a more expensive and long lasting compass that will actually point to you in the right direction.



Sure, many smart phones come with flashlights installed on them now, but if anything happens to that phone and it’s nighttime, you’ll be glad you have a flashlight in your pocket. There are many companies who make small but durable metal flashlights that can easily fit inside your pocket, or you could always buy one of those smaller models that hooks onto a keychain.

Beyond giving you the ability to see where you are going at night, flashlights also serve as excellent SOS devices for signaling aircraft in the darkness.



Most of us reading this article probably already carry a knife with us anyway. But are you carrying a knife that is ready for survival use?  A true survival situation requires more than just a tiny Swiss Army knife.  It requires a duty knife with a sharp serrated blade, an ergonomic grip that feels like a natural extension of your hand, and a durable clip allowing the knife to be secured to the inside of your pocket.

The sharpness of your knife’s blade cannot be questioned, nor can its durability. If the blade of your knife is starting to loosen up, tighten the screws holding it in place as soon as possible.  In addition, if your knife is getting dirty or accumulating grime in the folding action, clean it off immediately to keep it in top shape.



No, this is not for smoking. Rather, this is for getting a fire going in a hurry when you need to.  There is simply no easier way to get a fire going than with a lighter, because with a quick flick of your thumb, you have an instant flame.  Fire is essential in a survival situation.  It’s literally the only thing that can give you each of the following: warmth, protection, and a means to cook food and boil water.  For these reasons, you should always have a fire starting device in your EDC, and the traditional lighter offers you the best combination of ease of use and unobtrusiveness.



Paracord bracelets have become much more popular as of late, and with good reason. They fit casually around your wrist and in a survival situation, can be quickly unraveled into thinner pieces of cordage that can be applied to a multitude of survival purposes.  Think about it.  With cordage you can build or repair shelters, lash a knife around a pole, set up a perimeter around your shelter area, tie somebody up, make fishing line, set traps, make a splint or a sling, ascend or descend a cliff, and hoist food up in a tree, among other things.

As you can see, you can essentially include a miniature survival kit as a part of your EDC.  You can very easily carry all five of these things at once on you while you’re going about your normal business around town, and nobody will notice that you have them (except for the paracord bracelet around your wrist, of course).  More importantly, each of these items will help keep you alive in a survival situation when you least expect it, and that’s what counts.

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