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8 Survival Super Foods You Need To Be Growing

by Anthony


We all love strawberries. Strawberries can be perfect for beginners. Strawberries which you develop at your house are also sweeter as compared to the ones which you’ll see at the grocery store as well. They could be grown at any place of your lawn & could consume either a large or small space depending upon what you’ve available. Buy Strawberry Plants Here

growing strawberries

Goji Berries

Many times, Goji berries mentioned as a ‘superfood’. They’re full of nutrients, along with a sweet liquor-ice flavor. In spite of their unusual name, they’re quite tough & can be grown in nearly any sunny spot – even coastal, windy areas. Supplement Goji berries with juices & cereals in order a make a wonderful start to your day. Buy Goji Seeds Here

Goji Berries


This strange fruit is enriched with antioxidants in addition to blueberry-like berries making them a delightful treat chosen right from the bush. They’re tough plants. In order to get the best harvests of these berries, it is recommended that you develop them in pairs. This will also improve the pollination. Buy Honeyberry Seeds Here



Probably, radish are among the simplest veggies for beginners. They are able to flourish in almost all conditions & throughout the year in temperate areas. Another unbelievable thing about radish is they are able to mature quite rapidly, from seeds to ready for eating inside as little as four or five weeks. In addition, they rarely suffer from any disease or pest problems since they develop so rapidly. Buy Radish Seeds Here


Another great vegetable which is very easy for growing. Zucchini also offer you with amazing yields. They’re a member of the melon/pumpkin/ cucumber family & prefer a warm season of growth.
Sow two to three seeds straight in a mound of properly composted soil during the periods of late spring, or after the finish of frosts. You could train zucchini to develop up a fence/ trellis that can help avoid powdery fungus. When the seeds are around 4inches (10cm) tall, softly pull off the strongest plant.
You will need around 3 to 4 plants (mounds) for feeding a family of four to six people. Provide them with enough of water as well as add organic manure every four weeks or so. Once the zucchini grow 15 – 20 cm, pick them up. Buy Zucchini Seeds Here



Very simple to grow. Plant during the course of spring & summer. A couple of weeks prior to planting add lime to the soil in case the soil is slightly acid. Take your seedlings & soak them over night. Spread directly inside the soil, nearly 30 cm apart & 1 cm deep. Lightly cover using soil & water. If you wish a steady supply, plant the new crop every two to three weeks. At roughly four or five weeks, feed them with organic liquid fertilizer. Once they grow around six to eight cm in diameter pull the beets. Never allow them to grow big as they’ll only become woody & tough. Buy Beetroot Seeds Here


Sweet Peas

You could hardly resist their delightful fragrance! The bigger seeds of them are simple to manage, however if sowing seems complicated to you then purchase them as plug plants! Look for a supportive fence, a sunny spot, & enough of water & you’re ready to go. Only watch out for bothersome snails & slugs. Buy Pea Seeds Here



This is among the easiest plants you can grow. Simply sow the seeds right in the ground inside a sheltered & sunny location. Make sure that you provide the branches with supports for growing the tallest sunflowers nearby. Buy Sunflower Seeds Heresunflowers

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