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A 12 Item Home Security Checklist for an Unassailable Home

by Anthony
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If there’s anything you should prioritize today, it’s home safety. Statistics indicate that 88% of all burglaries occur in residential areas. No wonder that in 2017, alone, homeowners spent USD1,500 on sophisticated home security system installation. If you’re a new homeowner and you have not conducted a home security assessment, then you will need this 12-item checklist to get up to speed on what you need for an unassailable home.

Be Security-Aware

The basics of home security all stem from awareness. Being negligent in on home security is a surefire way to getting targeted for a burglary. or worse. By being aware that you may be targeted for a crime, you won’t hesitate in pulling out all the stops on your home’s security.

Check Alarm Monitoring Services

If you purchased a home with a pre-installed basic home security system from the previous owner, make sure that it still properly functions. The simplest way to do this is to contact the previous owner and ask for the user manual of the home security system. If the manual isn’t available, you can look up the model number of the security system online and see if you can find the appropriate user manual for it.

While you’re at it, why not enroll your home security system to an alarm monitoring services for an even more secure home? By having alarms in your home monitored 24/7, you’ll have the peace of mind that if an intruder enters your home, the authorities will be at your home without you having to reach search for your phone that could put you in danger.

Remember to Lock Up

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No amount of home security features will protect you from burglars if you don’t lock up your home. Basic home security features such as deadbolts, key locks on doors and windows need to be checked whenever you leave home and before you go to bed. Make this a habit! If you’re looking to upgrade the door hardware of your home, install deadbolt locks on all your doors. According to a study done by The University of North Carolina at Charlotte Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology, deadbolt locks are overwhelmingly disliked by burglars because it will take them much longer than necessary to break into a home with deadbolt locks.

Ensure That You Have the Proper Hardware

Expanding on the previous point of remembering to lock up your windows and doors, you should always have the sturdiest home security hardware installed at your home. Having double cylinder deadbolts or even a single cylinder deadbolt acts as an excellent deterrent to potential criminals who want to enter your home.

Use Security Cameras

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Included in any comprehensive home security checklist is installing security cameras throughout the interior and exterior of your home. Security cameras not only make burglars rethink their decision of robbing your home but also in case that they do commit to breaking in into your home, the security cameras will help identify the burglar when you file for an investigation.

Install/Switch on Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Outdoor lighting fixtures are part of the basic security fixtures that most people tend to overlook. However, these simple light fixtures installed on the exterior of your home make it difficult for burglars to choose a hiding spot near your home before committing a crime. These also function as a deterrent, as it shows there are people inside the home.

You should also make it a habit to double-check and switch on your outdoor lighting fixtures before it gets too dark outside. There are outdoor lighting fixtures with an internal timer. This way, you can set what time the lights will switch on. This will save you the trouble of having to activate them individually.

Install Window Covers

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Installing window covers should always be included in any home security checklist. Most burglars don’t just choose a home and try to break in on the same day. Burglars would take a more systematic approach by scoping their targeted home before committing burglary. That’s why installing window covers is essential to reduce your home’s chances of becoming a target. As a basic home security strategy, you can install thick drapes or blinds to cover your windows. As an alternative, you may also install window tint or have your translucent windows replaced by frosted glass.

Trimmed Bushes and Hedges

Having your bushes and hedges neatly trimmed may not be the first thing that may come to mind when it comes to home security assessment. However, it does have a simple but crucial purpose: it lets you see what’s behind them. Burglars will use any amount of coverage to keep their presence hidden when scoping out their potential targets and before they commit their crime.

Having your bushes and hedges low and trimmed can greatly reduce the number of hiding spots of burglars.

Install Smart Home Security Gadgets

Smart home security encompasses everything–from auto locking doors, smart doorbells–toasters. There’s also the option of having all your smart home security gadgets integrated into one central hub. There is a drawback to this, however’ Smart home security gadgets all rely on stable Wi-fi signal for integration; so, if you’re considering this option, make sure that your Wi-fi has enough range to reach your home security gadgets outside your home, as well.

Use Motion-Detector Alarm

Motion detectors are also essential items in any home security checklist. When conducting a home security assessment, you’ll notice that if a burglar circumvents all your outdoor security features, nothing will stop them from taking your possessions, once they are inside your home. However, you can mitigate the chances of them escaping with your valuables by installing motion detector alarms in critical areas of your home. Once triggered, these detectors can send out an alarm to your home monitoring system. Burglars will not be able to prepare for that loud, ear-piercing alarm sound. Or, your home system can alert an external monitoring company about the intrusion. Then they can contact the authorities for you.

Double-Check your Garage Door

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Garage doors aren’t just there to keep animals away from entering your home or to keep your car safe from the elements. It also serves as an essential basic home security feature. Make it a habit to close your garage door every time you leave and return to your home; so, you can keep your car safe in your garage.

Install a Peephole

Remember the phrase “stranger danger”? Installing a peephole on your front door costs you almost nothing and could potentially save your life. The main purpose of a peephole is to check who’s on the other side of the door, should someone knock or ring the doorbell. It might seem trivial, but burglars will have no qualms kicking down your door, once you open it to check who knocked or rang the doorbell.

Bonus Tip: Get a Guard Dog

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There are multiple reasons why dogs are called man’s best friend. They aren’t just the perfect companions to cheer a home up, guard dog breeds are also (with proper training) can be used to deter burglars from targeting your home.

Home security should never be taken lightly. Make sure that you tick off all these 12 items on your home security checklist during your next home security assessment. So, you won’t have to worry about your home being a target for a break-in.

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