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Are Custom Mattresses Worth the Money?

by Anthony
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Most people don’t mind the quality of the bed they sleep in. But they spend 6-8 hours every day relaxing on the material. A comfortable mattress would do wonders for having a good night’s rest and waking up feeling refreshed.

The reason why people do not invest in the right mattress is they are worried about the costs. The general impression is that a custom mattress would be expensive.

But that is not always the case. You can order an affordable custom mattress online where the manufacturer does not cut corners to reduce the price. It means they can accommodate customization requests because they have the equipment to handle any changes.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Mattress Right Away

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Consumer Reports indicate that a well-maintained mattress should last a decade. However, over time, the foam and the coil springs will eventually sag. Also, the quality of the bed will depend on the manufacturer and the user.

But how do you know that it is time to replace your form?

  1. If your mattress is past seven years old— It is now time for a more thorough check. Of course, if you do not feel rested upon waking up in the morning, your bed could be the culprit. If you feel soreness and muscle aches in the morning, your mattress might not be offering the right type of support.
  1. If you experience discomfort in the lower back, neck, and shoulders — This is typically a red flag that your spine is not correctly aligned while sleeping. The results of an incorrect sleeping posture are pains in your back, neck, and shoulders. Suffering from a stiff neck is also a common occurrence.
  1. The coil creaks — When you hear the springs creak whenever you move, it could be loose and needs replacement. In the same vein, if you feel that the foam has sagged, then you need to visit a mattress expert right away.
  1. When you suffer from allergies — Dust mites are among the most common causes of allergies. Also, if you have asthma and it is getting worse, maybe it is time to have your bed examined.
  1. Your snores are getting louder — The mattress is the most overlooked contributor to snoring. If your body is not aligned correctly, it results in a blocked passageway or sunken tissues. If loud snoring is not traced to sleep apnea, then your bed and the quality of sleeping mattress may be responsible.

The next step is to choose between a standard bed and a custom mattress. A bespoke bed will cost more compared to a product you can buy at a showroom.

The question then is, are they worth your money?

A custom mattress will provide you two things: comfort and hours of uninterrupted sleep. Your work is stressful enough. You wish your bedroom to be your escape and your bed, a refuge. So, how can you put a price to the feeling of your stress melting away in the cozy embrace of your bed? The answer? You might already have an idea.

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