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Best Ways To Store Coffee Beans

by Anthony
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Coffee beans are sensitive in nature. They tend to lose their suppleness quickly. Leave the jar of coffee beans unattended for some time and see for yourself. They will become stale and gain moisture. This is not what you want from coffee beans.

If you are anything like the average American, then your day starts with a hot cup of coffee. Since the shelf life of coffee beans is considerably low, here are some fantastic storage tips.

In this post, we will share some of the ways on how you can store coffee beans to increase their storage life. You can check out a wide variety of other articles we’ve written about food storage here.

Enemy of Coffee Freshness

Coffee has a variety of natural enemies that can make it dull, lifeless, and without any taste. Here are some of the causes described below:

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#1. Air

As much as we humans require oxygen to survive, it is the opposite for coffee beans. Oxidation happens to coffee and robs it off of its natural fragrance, taste, and robustness. Air decays coffee.

Eliminating coffee from coming in contact with air is impossible. However, you can minimize this contact.

  • Don’t open the coffee bag unless you need to use the coffee.
  • Buy smaller packs of coffee beans so that they come in a single use.
  • If you have a large bag, try purchasing the one with a vacuum seal or store it in an airtight coffee storage container in a cool and dry place.

#2. Moisture

Any kind of moisture, whether it is in liquid, gas, or solid form is unfavorable for the coffee beans. Humidity makes coffee susceptible to clumping and molding. The moisture problem can also be solved with the airtight containers.

#3. Heat

Heat doubles up the decaying of organic material. You can observe that whenever you store coffee beans next to heat, it swiftly becomes stale. By the next time you open the coffee jar, the beans will be hard and oxidized. Storing coffee at room temperature is a perfect and easy solution.

Ways To Store Coffee Beans

The best cup of coffee can only be made with fresh beans. Here are some of the amazing ways to store the beans for prolonged usage and keeping them fresh.

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#1. Keep Beans Airtight & Cool

So far in this article, we have told you about the biggest enemies of coffee beans. Unfortunately, it seems like all of mother nature reacts negatively to coffee beans. Air, water, and heat have adverse reactions to the grains.

Therefore, to keep them enriched with flavor and taste, make sure to store them in airtight containers at room temperature. While coffee beans look beautiful in clear canisters, make sure you avoid them because they expose the beans to direct light which can be harmful.

Put them in any air seal container and keep it in a dark and cool place. Most retail packaging of the beans is not sufficient for prolonged storage. If you can get a high quality canister from a store or online, it will be a much better idea.

#2. Buy The Right Amount

Soon after the roasting is done, there is a race against time for coffee. That is why it is highly recommended to buy smaller packs of espresso beans so that you can use them in a short period, before it starts to decay. A bag that serves for two-weeks is sufficient.

If you are still interested in buying the larger packs, then take two canisters among which, one should be put to regular use whereas the other one holds the larger unused portion of beans, away from the exposure of light, air, and moisture.

Most people shop once every week or two for groceries. It shouldn’t be a big problem buying a small amount every week so that your coffee doesn’t get wasted by decay.

#3. Freezing Coffee Beans

Freshness is crucial when it comes to the quality of coffee. There are different expert views whether or not to store coffee beans in a refrigerator or not. However, if you do decide to store them in the fridge, they must be in an airtight container. Also, make sure you only buy small batches and use the coffee as early as you can.


It all comes down to airtight coffee storage containers. They don’t allow air, moisture, heat, or light to enter inside and thus; coffee beans stay as safe as they can.

Also, make sure to buy small coffee bags and save yourself the trouble of consuming tasteless coffee each morning. Follow these simple tips, and you will never find the beans decayed again.

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