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Breaking Down Burglaries

by Anthony

40 Mind-Blowing Stats on Burglary in the US and Tips on How to Beat the Burglars

Smart Security Systems: The Solution to Home Burglary

Only 17% of American homes have security systems which means the remaining 83% are open to burglary, a crime that occurs at least once in every 13 seconds, according to the National Council for Home Safety and Security.

There are many ways to secure yourself against crime in our homes, but most of us wait until it actually happens before we start looking for security companies. You will be amazed by just how common burglary has become. An infographic published by Burglaries.ai states that 53% of homes experience repeated burglary.

A burglar can gain access to your home in many ways. Most entries are through the front door, while some prefer to use the window and in some cases through the garage. One way to prevent these entries is to use decals or heavy duty locks. Better still you can opt for smart security for a more burglary proof home.

There are plenty of authentic smart home security systems one can install in their homes. DIY security systems such as Abode, LiveWatch, and SimpliSafe are on the rise. Just last October, ADT rolled out the SmartThings, a DIY product, in conjunction with Samsung.

Everyone is going the smart way

A report by Nextmarket Insights suggests that by the year 2020, smart security is going to reach well over 22 million users, a massive increase from the 3 million users reported in 2014. There is already a reported surge in the increase of smart securities which might explain the falling rate in burglaries. An FBI  report claims that there was a 28% decrease in burglaries in the United States between 2006 and 2015. This should motivate you to move towards smart security installation in a bid to fortify your home.

Most DIY smart security systems are very simple to use. The typical features include an instruction manual, stick on equipment, a nifty app, a siren, camera with motion sensors, door sensors, and key fob. These are just a few basic features of a smart system easily affordable at a meager $299. However, if you need higher security you may need to dig deeper into your pocket.

The good thing about smart systems is that they can be easily integrated meaning you don’t have to buy everything at once. Start off with the starter kit then slowly fortify your home further with more advanced gadgets with time.

The National Council for Home Safety and Security warns that residential apartments without smart security alarms are three times more likely to get burglarized.

Homeowners can now get flexible and customized residential security solutions. In addition, they now have several options to choose from to make their homes safer. While it is scary thinking about the maintenance costs of such systems, it’s even scarier thinking about getting into your home and finding all your valuables gone. The detailed infographic by Safeatlast states that only 13% of all burglaries are ever solved by the police which means you can’t leave the security and safety of your home in their hands. The smart decision is to install the smart security systems in your home.

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