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Build This Amazing Chicken Coop With These Free Plans

by Anthony
Free Chicken Coop Plans

When my wife and I purchased our house, we converted an old dog house in to a chicken coop for our girls. This was a great use of up-cycled material, but since then our flock has grown. I also wanted something that I could move around without a hassle. I started to research several chicken tractor designs. Although I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, I did see several plans that incorporated one or two of the features I wanted. I started early on a Saturday morning with nothing more than an idea and a hammer.

Download my Free Chicken Coop Plans

You will need to download SketchUp to view the plans

By Sunday afternoon, I had a chicken coop that not only impressed me but also impressed my fussy wife. I documented the complete build in photos for my readers as an inspiration for your own coop. I didn’t have any plans, I just wing’d it as I went along. After some positive feedback from Facebook friends, I decided to sit down and draw out the plans and make them available to everyone. I spent about $150 total for this build. If you are new to raising chickens, don’t forget to checkout our other articles.

The coop is 4’x4′ totaling 16 sqft with about 40 sqft of run space. This should easily hold 4 large breed birds or 5-6 smaller breeds. I will be using this particular coop for my Bantams while my RIR’s and Black Australorps will stay in the main coop.

I hope you enjoy this article as much as I enjoyed building it! – Tony

Chicken Coop Plans


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Prepper August 25, 2015 - 7:50 pm

UPDATE: I have had a lot of success with this coop, i just had to reinforce the roosting bars. I have one hen that has laid double yolkers 3 times a week


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