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Choosing Blinds for your Homestead

by Anthony
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Home improvements, especially when modifying your home with small, inexpensive additions, can both have a dramatic effect on the overall aesthetic appeal and also increase your property value.

Whether you choose to undergo a landscaping project, add on a room, or simply add a fresh coat of interior paint, all of these choices ultimately make your home more beautiful and comfortable.

Installing Your Own

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One aspect of the home which you can easily install is the various arrangements of window treatments, particularly shades or blinds.

Additionally, these items can be both purchased and installed by many manufacturers the same day. Blinds come in all designs, colors, and materials. Choosing your personal favorite is mostly a stylistic choice, but should also incorporate functionality.

In this post, we’ll explore the various types and designs of the two most common interior blinds on the market today.

Venetian Blinds

The function and style of what are commonly known today as Venetian blinds began in Persia. It was because these blinds were first introduced to European culture by way of Venice that they gained their name.

Venetian blinds are formed by a series of thin horizontal slats strung together along with a pulley/cord system. This mechanism allows us to raise or lower the blinds, and also to open and shut (or adjust them) to allow only a certain amount of light into the room.

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Today, Venetian blinds are typically made from vinyl, faux wood, plastic, or real wood. Though some are made of glass and other materials, these are the same day blinds most often found in homes throughout the United States.

Often, you can measure, choose a style, and install a set of Venetian blinds all on the same day. Blinds are also usually installed professionally by numerous blind retailers if the process seems too difficult for the homeowner.

Vertical Blinds

Perfect for larger bay windows, picture frame windows or sliding glass doors which lead to outside porch areas are known as vertical blinds.

Vertical blinds often come arranged on a sliding track system in which the user applies pressure via a rod or cord to slide them back and forth. The opening and closing of the blinds or adjustment of view, which allows light into the room, are typically controlled by rotating a rod clockwise or counter-clockwise, depending on the angle you prefer them to face.

By Anderson Mancini Flickr: Curtains, CC BY 2.0

These blinds are also generally very long to fit larger openings, though shorter versions can be found to fit inside smaller window areas or openings.

Just as with Venetian blinds, vertical blinds are often fabricated from vinyl, plastic, faux wood or real wood and are available in numerous colors, widths, and lengths.

Choosing Blinds for the Home

The options available for blinds in most home improvement stores or online stores are quite numerous, and style and color are primarily left to the imagination or stylistic preferences of the homeowner.

If you’re a new homeowner or the installation procedures are foreign to you, it is highly recommended to seek out professional services to help you choose and install blinds to your liking.

Many businesses specialize in window treatments of all sizes and types. You can schedule a consultation where professionals will come to your home, measure, and install your blinds for you.

As an additional convenience, many businesses usually offer these services and can perform them all in the same day, unless custom fitting is necessary.

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