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Choosing The Best Type Of Sand For Construction Purposes

by Anthony

Sand is an essential raw material that is widely used in the construction and landscaping industries. Whether you use it in the mortar mix to build a wall or make concrete for landscaping, sand is crucial because it provides bulk and strength to the building.

There are different types of sand available in different grain sizes, and not all of them may be suitable for construction. Therefore, you have to exercise due care and diligence when purchasing it. Click here for more details.

Sand for Construction Purposes

Sand is extracted through mining at beaches, inland dunes, or dredged oceans and river beds. Apart from being used in mortar mixes, sand is also used in manufacturing asphalt and concrete, which is a popular decorative material used in landscaping.

For construction projects, sand is mostly exported from the coastal regions and stream beds. It helps in preparing concrete. Here, you must know that the construction industry needs about seven times sand and gravel for every cement ton. So, it’s an integral part of your project, and you need to select the best variety.

Different Types of Sand Available Online

Washed Sand – This type of sand is mostly used in making sand pits for children. Its other uses include paving, build retaining wall systems, joining between pavers, plastering, etc. The term ‘washed’ indicates that the sand has undergone a filtering process to remove silt, clay, dust, and other unwanted particles.

White Brick Sand – Also known as ‘Fatty’ sand, this variety of sand has a high clay content. It repels water and is easily workable with cement. It is perfect for bricklaying as it is compressible. These are naturally occurring materials, and colour variations may occur, ranging from off-white to yellow. Sand mined from one area may differ from the other and, therefore, generally ordered in one lot or load as colour variations may affect the project outcome.

Concrete Sand – This is the coarse, washed variety that is a common element in cement and asphalt mixtures. The grains are larger, but the screening or washing process ensures there are no rock particles or pebbles present. It is commonly referred to as grit sand. It is used in pipe beddings or paver bases. The coarse texture makes it ideal for holding pipes, septic tanks, and stones in place while also improving drainage and soil structures.

Packing Sand – This variety has a high silt content. It is mainly used under concrete slabs, creating a barrier between the concrete and the soil, thereby preventing the soil from absorbing moisture from the concrete. It is also used as a base for water tanks.

Bottom Line

There are different varieties of sand available in the market, all intended for different applications. It is essential to understand the application correctly and know where the sand is coming from.

As a project manager, you must choose only reputed suppliers with the quality of their products tested. This will ensure that you are buying the right material for the right purpose. If you’re in Sydney and looking for a reliable supplier, click here.

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