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Common Home Security Mistakes You Should Not Be Doing In the 21st Century

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A break-in is a terrifying experience, and it can shatter your sense of security. According to Safe At Last, an estimated 66% of burglaries in the US are home break-ins, which is an estimated 3.7 million burglaries each year. 74% of these homes had property stolen, and one in every ten break-ins, the burglar confronted the residents of the homes.

A determined burglar will find a way to break into your house, but you should make it nearly impossible for them. However, most home break-ins are preventable if you avoid these common mistakes. It is guaranteed that the burglar will skip your home in search of an easier target.

Hiding A Key Anywhere Outside

Since time immemorial, there is the fear of losing house keys. Most homeowners who foresee such an event prefer to hide the keys outside under a rock, doormat, or flower vase. Unfortunately, even first-time burglars know to check under the doormat and to upturn any stones and flower vases.

If for some reason you have to leave your key outside, then you should leave it with a trusted neighbor. You could also put the key in a zip-lock bag and bury it, but be sure not to forget the exact spot. 

Relying On a Barking Dog

A barking dog can be a great deterrent, but this does not mean that you should forego on installing a security system. The dog might be intimidating but hardly do they attack intruders. More so, the dog could get hurt.

With that said, you could get a guard dog that will bark and attack any intruders. However, you should consider getting the best home security system you can afford.

Providing Hiding Places around Your Home

Providing Hiding Places around Your Home www.homesteadandprepper.com
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Untrimmed trees and bushes or large trashcans are places where burglars could hide and wait on you to get home. Once you open your door or garage, they will ambush, and force their way into the home.

To avert this, ensure to trim the trees and bushes around your home and remove any large objects. Ideally, nothing should hinder you from seeing every nook of your yard.

Putting Your Alarm System near a Window

It is advisable that you put signs and stickers that warn burglars that you have the best home security system you can buy. However, if you have an alarm system too close to a window, a burglar could peek inside and see if it is armed or not, and know what they are dealing with.

On top of this, they could watch you input the security code and use it when you are away. During installation, ensure that the control panel is visible only when a person is inside.

Using Dummy Home Security Equipment

Modern home security systems are complex and come with loads of equipment, and this can increase the price significantly. Some homeowners use dummy equipment to reduce their expenditure.

This includes cameras, motion sensors, and more. Unfortunately, experienced burglars can differentiate between real and fake equipment. Despite the high costs, using authentic and modern equipment will have the burglar thinking twice about breaking into your home. 

Using Dummy Home Security Equipment  www.homesteadandprepper.com
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Using Cheap Window and Door Locks

Many burglars know their way around standard locks and will have an easy time breaking into your home. Consider upgrading to the heavy-duty window, door, and garage locks.

They will keep the burglar out, or it will take them too long to break the locks that they will give up.

Failing To Lock Your Windows, Doors, and Garage

Do you always lock your house when going down the street to run an errand? If not, you are making one of the biggest home security mistakes of the 21st Century. For example, the garage is one of the easiest ways of breaking into a house.

Burglars normally use the hooked end of a wire clothes hanger to reach the emergency release lever. They can open the garage door open in seconds without your neighbors suspecting a thing. To prevent this, get a Gaplock, or lock the garage door manually with a key.

Leaving No Lights On or Just One Light On

When going on vacation, it some homeowners typically leave one light on or no lights on at all. However, this is an obvious indicator that there is nobody home. A determined burglar could watch your house for days to see whether the lights will come on or go off.

Invest and connect your lights to digital timers that will turn on and off the lights automatically. This will make it seem like there is somebody home.

Using Cheap Window and Door Locks

Before going on your next vacation, ensure to stop the newspaper and mail since a pile of uncollected newspapers and mail is an indication that there is nobody home.

In case you forget, you could also ask a trusted neighbor to pick the mail and newspapers for you until you get back.


Finally, you should ensure that you have enough security lights around your home to avoid burglars hiding in the shadows. Always be on guard, since you never know when a burglar might break into your home. Check out our article on 10 Mistakes Made by Preppers.

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