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Couple is Giving Away An Organic Farm and $20,000 Cash For The Best 200 Word Essay

by Anthony

Couple Gives Away FarmWe have all dreamed of owning a working farm at one time or another. An Alabama couple wants to make that dream a reality for a lucky family. They plan on giving away their 20 acre organic farm and $20k to the person with the best 200 word essay.


Paul and Leslie Spell are the husband and wife owners and operators of Humble Heart Farms in northern Alabama, near the Tennessee border, and they’re moving, along with their 14-year-old son, to join some friends in Costa Rica. Rather than just sell the farm, they’re running a contest to see who can write the best 200-word essay, explaining why they should take over. The contest began a few weeks ago and ends on October 1st of this year. There is a $150 fee that must accompany each entry, and the winner will be announced shortly after the closing date. The Spells expect no less than 2,500 entries, but if fewer than this are received, all monies will be fully refunded. So, if running a small farm in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains is your ideal way of escaping the madness of modern times, and you don’t have the upfront funds to do it by yourself, this just might be the chance of a lifetime. The contest is open to anyone over the age of 19, and details can be seen here.

Humble Heart Farms Goat Cheese is a product of the Tennessee River Valley.  The sun, rain, wind, grasses and feed all come together to flavor our cheese.  The “girls” come from a long line which produce excellent milk.  We carefully provide the best nutrition with grazing, a custom blending of feed and hay.  This is the secret to our fine quality chevre (fresh goat cheese).  Humble Heart Farms makes a fresh spreadable fromage in several flavors.

Free FarmThey offer fresh all natural goat cheese with no hormones, steriods or herbacides.

Couple Gives Away FarmHumble Heart Farms is a family farm located in North Alabama.  They milk Saanen goats and take special care that the milk is of the highest quality.

Farm EssayTo enter, you must be at leat 19 years old. You can enter the essay at GoatDairyEssay.com

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