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Declutter Your Homestead in 21 Days

by Anthony
Image by Bill Kasman from Pixabay

Everyone loves their nice clean homestead. But keeping up with the clutter can be exhausting. So let’s learn how to declutter your home in 21 quick and easy steps

Clutter is the enemy of a beautiful home but it no longer need be thanks to this infographic from HappyCleans. It takes you through how you can transform your home in just 21 days so let’s get started.

Day 1 is a good day to sort through all the random bits of paper that have built up in your house. We tend to needlessly stockpile old bills, receipts, and junk mail etc. when most of this can be thrown away or recycled. Sort through it all and dispose of anything that isn’t important and file anything important.

Another good area to clear out is the entertainment area as this is often full of old DVDs and videos that we haven’t watched in years. Most of us stream or use Netflix these days so why not give these to local charity shops for someone else to enjoy? It is unlikely you will ever use them again.

The medicine cabinet is another area that can turn into a mess. We often leave expired or old medicine there for years when they really should be thrown away. Have a look at the full infographic now and begin your decluttering journey today.

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