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How to Use Design Techniques to Turn a Homestead Garden into a Small Paradise

by Anthony

The 2018 National Gardening survey found that more American households are gardening than ever before with a whopping 77% of households participating in some form of household gardening activity. Because a homestead garden is smaller than a large farm garden, it is often seen as a personal, private place where you are cultivating and planting in order to convey a design theme instead of simply grow food.

A well-designed homestead garden is beautifully integrated and can adapt to the changing seasons to serve as an energetic extension of your home into the natural surroundings. This is what makes homestead gardens so great, as they have the versatile ability to be constructed into fascinating designs that show off the true beauty of gardening and the fruits of your labor.

Design with Yourself in Mind 

Start by creating a wish list of everything you want to see in your garden. This could include the foods your family eats most often, certain colors that fit within the scheme of your home, or simply flowers you love and have always wanted in your garden. Once you’ve established these must-have features, it will be easier to bring the whole design together later on.

Now, get a little creative. In regards to the structure of your garden, you’ll need to look at the space you have available and decide whether or not you want long, winding paths that lead to cute hidden treasures and trees, or maybe a woven willow structure that acts as a plant support and art exhibit. In the instance that you need to remove a tree or other obstacles to make a little space for certain plants, always do so while trying to conserve the most out of the natural elements.

Incorporate Designs That Encourage Interaction 

After investing so much time and effort into the design of your garden, you’ll likely want visitors, and even yourself, to feel drawn into the space by sights, smells and touch. To really turn a garden into a small slice of paradise, try adding flowers such as lavender and sweet pea that create a warm, inviting smell. Add in bird feeders, small sculptures and wind chimes that can further the theme and aid in relaxation.

In general, a well-designed garden should express your personal style and allow yourself and visitors to have an auditory and olfactory experience as well as visual. It’s important to ensure the design is an explorable place that one wants to experience as well as continue cultivating.

This article was written by Cassie Steele.

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