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Food Fatigue a Real Concern for Preppers

by Anthony

Food Fatigue


Stocking your pantry with lots of food to be used in a post-disaster situation is something preppers do. It is a main focus. Food will be one of the necessities of life that will be taken away should there be a major catastrophe that interrupts the food supply chain. Many preppers make food a priority and are not all that concerned with what kind of food they are stocking. The idea is food is food and when you are starving and there is nothing else to eat, you will eat, like it or not.

While this may be true to some extent, it is important to stock a variety of food to avoid something know as food fatigue. It is a real condition and it can be the thing that takes you down if you are forced to eat canned beans every single day for 30 days straight. Food fatigue isn’t a myth. It is very real and it can be very serious. If you have managed to survive a disaster only to find yourself starving to death despite the fact you have a whole room full of the same food would be a tragedy.

Eating the same food day in and day out isn’t just tiresome, it is unhealthy. Your body needs a variety of vitamins and nutrients in order to stay healthy. Your muscles, brain function and organ function all require different vitamins and minerals to function at their best. If you are stuck eating one food all the time, something has to give. Either your organs, your muscles, your skin or your bones are going to suffer. Obviously, you need it all.

Symptoms of Food Fatigue

What happens when your body experiences food fatigue? It isn’t pretty and you will probably be feeling miserable. Have you ever had the flu and still had to go to work or maybe do the chores around the house? It wasn’t fun and it left you absolutely drained and listless. You cannot afford to do that to yourself when your very survival banks on your ability to take care of things like chopping wood, tending a garden or walking several miles to get water.

These are the symptoms of food fatigue, which is also referred to as appetite fatigue.

  • Your stomach turns at the thought of eating a particular food
  • The smell of a food makes you ill
  • You actually vomit after eating a particular food
  • Digestive issues like cramps and diarrhea may be experienced
  • Hair loss
  • Weight loss
  • Muscle loss

All of these symptoms are caused by your lack of desire to eat the same food. Sure, there are times when desperate measures require you to eat plain rice every day for lunch and dinner because there is nothing else, but your body will suffer. You cannot live on rice alone or beans, bread or whatever few things you have tucked away.

Eventually, your mind will turn on you. When you see, smell or even think about eating another bowl of rice, you will become ill. Ill to the point where you would rather not eat than eat the rice, which is where some of the muscle loss and weight loss comes in. You will go days without eating anything at all to avoid eating the food you have come to loathe. If you finally force yourself to eat the food, you may vomit shortly after, which can lead to dehydration.

Preventing Food Fatigue

Preppers tend to store about 10 basic staples. Thinks like rice, beans, flour and so on. These items store for years and can be prepared in many different ways, if you stock up on other ingredients and condiments. There are a hundred different recipes you can prepare using each of these basic staples if you have a variety of spices, condiments and other additions. Eating fried rice one night and a spicy Mexican rice the next followed by a nice bowl of steamed rice and veggies will help prevent food fatigue. You are still using the rice as a main course, but dressing it up a little different each time will prevent food fatigue.

You also need to do what you can to store a large variety of items. Of course, you still want to follow the only store what you eat rule. Store your favorite dried and canned fruits and veggies. Store a variety of canned meats. Don’t fall into the trap of only storing MREs or only stocking up on canned food. Change it up a bit.

It is also essential you learn how to grow your own food and harvest your own meat from the wild or learn to raise your own livestock for the purpose of food. Fresh is always best and provides the most nutritional value. Your tastebuds will prefer fresh carrots over canned carrots any day. A juicy slice of meat is always going to be more appealing than the canned stuff.

You would be surprised how far a little salt and pepper will go to combating food fatigue. Spices are far too inexpensive not to add to your food storage. Do what you can to make sure you are not battling food fatigue at a time when you have much more important things to worry about.

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