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Grow Your Own Medicine Cabinet

by Anthony

You’d be surprised at just how many plants have medicinal applications. And you’d be  further surprised at just how easy they are to grow at home. Why head down to the pharmacy to stock up on pills and prescriptions when you can grow medicinal plants and herbs yourself? Incorporating them into nutritious recipes, brewing them in tea, or even extracting their essential oils for facial washes and the like.

The calming scent of lavender may soon be used to calm patients about to undergo surgery. The alcohol linalool, present in the scent, has been proven in studies to have an anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effect. Cool, right?

And that succulent you see so often flaunted in skin care adverts – that’s right, aloe vera! – shows up for a reason. It’s widely known to have wound-healing properties, fantastic for eczema and other skin conditions.

The Greenhouse People, certified garden experts, have wracked their brains to compile a list of easy-to-grow plants that all boast unique health benefits. The guide also contains a comprehensive ‘How to Grow’ table that lays out each plant’s preferred soil type, soil PH, watering preferences and sunlight requirements. Happy growing!

Grow Your Own Medicine Cabinet

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