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A Guide to Essential Airsoft Equipment for Any Level

by Anthony

A Guide to Essential Airsoft Equipment for Any Level

I love airsoft for the thrill you get when the action really gets to you and the friendships and teamwork you get to share. But the gear and cool weapons are also a fantastic reason to get into the game! I mean, where else would you get to own and shoot real weapon replicas, while dressed like a badass fighter?

However, to taste the real game action, you must be well-equipped. This includes weapons, protective gear, ammo, and accessories, and below you can read my detailed opinion on each of these elements.

A high-quality Airsoft Weapon

The weapon should fit your role in the team (sniper, leader, rifleman, recon, or infantry) and should be accurate, well-designed, and durable. Depending on the type (rifle, pistol, shotgun, sniping rifle) the price will vary, but even as a beginner, you have to invest in an airsoft gun that won’t break down after the first few shots.

The Sidearm

This is usually a type of pistol because they are easy to carry around when the hands are busy. If you choose a rifle as a sidearm, you will need to attach a sling to it. But I don’t recommend it – rifles are big, regardless of how compact their design is.

For a beginner, I recommend a spring pistol with good accuracy and solid body, and for advanced players, a blowback gas pistol will definitely do the trick. Blowbacks are more difficult to master and control and can be a bit scary when you first start the game (they’re usually really loud). Not to mention, a spring is easier to load than a gas pistol.


The CQB Rifle

Most compact rifles with a retractable stock are designed for CQB situations. Still, if you really want to lay waste on your enemies, I recommend a fully automatic AEG (maybe an AK47 or an M4 design).  However, when you select an AEG, you must pay attention to the type of battery it uses and if it can be swapped with something more powerful.

A good CQB rifle must be compact and durable, as it will go through a lot more abuse than any other airsoft weapons.

The Shotgun and the Sniper Rifle

I grouped the shotgun and the sniper rifle together because they are not must-haves. They are exceptionally fun airsoft guns that one should use only after mastering a few games. Of course, no one is going to stop a beginner from getting a shotgun or a sniper rifle, but you’ll only be able to appreciate their awesomeness when you are secure of your shooting skills!

Even more, the best airsoft sniper rifles can get expensive, so are better suited towards those who play regularly. Check out this list on Airsoftpal for in-depth reviews of airsoft sniper rifles.

Protective Gear

Maybe I should’ve started with this gear category, because nothing is more important when you join a game than protection! The eyewear, face mask, helmet, gloves, and chest protection are mandatory for anyone who wants to be safe and fully enjoy the game.

Mark my words:  BBs look small, but they hurt like hell when they come towards your soft areas at 300+ FPS! Even more, I heard enough stories about chipped teeth, damaged eyeballs, and ear related incidents to scare me into investing the best protective gear possible.

Furthermore, these look cool on you and make you feel a bit closer to the battlefield simulation.

Ammo & Accessories

Finally, you can’t shoot an airsoft weapon without the right type of BBs and the accessories (such as lasers, flashlights, scopes, and more) make the game a lot more fun.

First, the best BBs are the .20g, but if you find these too expensive or you’re just doing some target practice, the .12g BBs are also great. Still, when you’re looking for high accuracy, the .20 BBs and more are the best.

When you choose the accessories, I recommend high-quality products. I mean, most rifles come equipped with cheap scopes and some wiggly lasers, but to be the best, you need to invest a bit more.

This article was written by Liam Brown from the blog AirSoftPal. Check it out.

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