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How Much Land Do You Need To Live Off The Grid

by Anthony

Off The Grid

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Cris Wentz September 6, 2015 - 3:11 am

Thats interesting, but it doesnt take into account alternative crops or intensive practices. I’m thinking rabbits- they can thrive on weeds and grass and one doe ( a girl rabbit) can easily produce 150 lbs of healthy lean meat a year. Add ducks to the chickens, also. They are great foragers, can produce as many eggs as a hen, and are often better mothers than hens, so your egg and meat supply is easily sustained there. You’d probably need three goats to be truly sustainable, unless your neighbors keeps the billy. Thats yet another source of meat, since you wont be able to keep up with the two to three kids a year your nannies will drop.
Corn take up a lot of room for relatively small return. What about milo for warmer climes? its fast, doesnt need as much water as corn to get a good return, has a similar nutritional value and taste as wheat. Its a little sweeter and I actually like it better. The leaves and stalks can be used a feed for your critters, too. Millet is really underused in this country. You can get 2 to three crops per year of that one , really increasing your productivity. It also can be cut and dried for a super nutritious hay (two cuttings with average rainfall).
If you practice trellising vining crops ( so cukes take less room, not more) intensive planting, and all that lovely rabbit poop, you’ll produce more food stuff, too. And dont forget sweet potatoes and sunflower. They are nutritious, high yeilding in most places, and the vines and leaves provide another food source for you and your goats and rabbits. Chickens and ducks will eat the leaves and vines fresh, and everything , including you, will eat the sunflower seeds and sweet potato tubers. Did I miss anything?

Joe Young September 10, 2015 - 2:36 pm

What about people that want to hide from the folks that will be trying to steal your crops and livestock? You’ll need a heck of a lot more land than a 2 acre lot. I’m a Realtor in East TN and have several spots in the middle of nowhere that preppers would be in awe of! My personal favorite is 850 acres for about 1100 an acre. The trees and mineral rights and huge river alone should sell that one.

Kenneth M. Johnson October 6, 2015 - 12:03 am

Peoples needs will vary like in anything. A lot of land sounds great as long as you have the money for taxes.

I am reminded of the book by Leo Tolstoy called How Much Land Does A Man Need.

A man heard of distant land that would give you all of the land you wanted and all you had to do was walk around your desired parcel and ever so often dig a hole to mark that it was your property line. You had between sun up and sun down to complete your land grab.

So this guy travels to this land and finds the entre story true. The next day with a crowd to watch him he takes off at sun up. He walks and digs and he kept walking further making a huge circle. Further out he would go trying to get more free land. He walked and dug so far that the sun was on its way down and he had to run and dig, run and dig. He walked so far and worked so hard that as he was getting close to the starting point his heart gave out.

The moral to the story of how much land does a man need was answered when the local folks buried him in a 6 foot by 3 foot plot.


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