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Pandemic Prep: How to Build a Quarantine Room

by Anthony

Quarantine Room

Prepping For a Pandemic

Two years ago, the word Ebola was rarely used in daily conversation. It was a horrific disease that very few people really knew about, but assumed it was isolated to the far corners of the world where everyday people would never come in contact with it. Then, last summer, the word Ebola took on a whole new meaning. It burst the bubbles of those who had been living in a fantasy world where deadly viruses didn’t exist and were all in the heads of conspiracy theorists. People had to face the fact that a pandemic could very well happen. In fact, in some parts of the world, Ebola was certainly on track to become this century’s black plague. Fear and fear mongering left people scrambling in an effort to protect themselves, without really understanding what they could do to protect themselves from a pandemic.

It is time to get educated. If Ebola rears its ugly head again, which it very well could do considering it is by no means contained or eradicated and there is no cure, you must be ready. Hospitals will be hotbeds for viruses, Ebola or otherwise. It may not even be Ebola that becomes a pandemic. It can be a strain of flu or some other virus that runs rampant through nations all around the world. Think back to the days of the bird flu and then the swine flu. You will need to be prepared to take care of your loved ones at home should they show signs of an infection or have been exposed to whatever pandemic is ripping through the nation.

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