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How to Prep for Nuclear Fallout

by Anthony

Nuclear Fallout

Being prepared for nuclear fallout was a big part of the Cold War. Now that we could be described as living through the Second Cold War, do you know what to do in the event of a nuclear fallout?

In May, Sweden distributed leaflets to its citizens on how to prepare for another world war. This was the first time in 30 years that they’ve had to do this and is one of the signs of the times that we live in. We don’t think that another world war is about to happen, but international relations are certainly quite frosty at the moment.

Being prepared for nuclear fallout isn’t futile or unreasonable. Take the Fukushima nuclear disaster that occurred in 2011. This horrific disaster occurred due to a tsunami caused by an earthquake. The effects of the Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine are still being felt today, over thirty years since it happened. The town of Pripyat is still a ghost town as a result of the blast.

As you can see, the event of a nuclear fallout could be well out of humans’ hands, and if you want to get particularly frightened, look up how many nuclear close calls there have been. From things like early-warning missile sensors giving the wrong readings to false alarms, the world has nearly turned to nuclear blows on many occasions.

How Do I Protect Myself From Nuclear Fallout?

If you are outside of the one-mile explosion radius, you actually stand a very good chance of surviving the initial blast. Your problem is then staying alive. The damage and destruction from a nuclear attack, especially with today’s weapons, would be unfathomable. To stand any chance of survival, you will need to remain calm and focused more than anything.

The first thing to do is to get inside. Anywhere that’s inside will be safer than anywhere outside. Your best chance is to get to the deepest part of the building you’re in. Whether that’s an apartment building, or a detached house, find the deepest area of the structure. A basement is ideal.

After the blast, you have around 15 minutes to find a better shelter than the one you’re in. This is because after 15 minutes the nuclear fallout will begin. Do your best to avoid windows, doors and external walls. Also bear in mind that a vehicle will offer no protection against a nuclear blast or its fallout.

Vivid Doors have put together this infographic that gives you plenty of useful information if you ever find yourself in this unlikely situation. The culture of ‘prepping’ has been around for as long as nuclear weapons have. Many multi-millionaires already have vast underground bunkers in case of such an event. We don’t all have the means to build underground bunkers, but some handy survival knowledge is better than nothing.

This infographic also includes what supplies you should scavenge for, what you can eat if your supplies run out and how long supplies will last in a nuclear fallout. Be prepared.

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