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How to Use Landscaping to Further Protect Your Home

by Anthony
How to Design Your Landscape to Protect Your Home
Image by Rick Designer from Pixabay

In recent years, it seems like just about everyone has made use of doorbell and security cameras to protect their homes. While those cameras are a great thing to arm your home with, there are still a number of ways you can make your home more secure and deter burglars from attempting to break into your home.

Obvious security measures are locking doors and windows, closing the garage, and making sure your fence is properly shut every night. Still, it’s the less obvious measures that you take that can stop a robber in their tracks. Criminals are privy to the obvious security measures people take and are good at avoiding being seen on security cameras, so it’s important to get a little extra in protecting your home by utilizing your landscape design to offer even more safety.

1. Keep Plants and Shrubs Properly Manicured

Keep Plants and Shrubs Properly Manicured
Image by Karen Arnold from Pixabay

It may seem like planting tall bushes are a way to enhance security, but it actually creates a safety hazard. While they may offer a little more privacy for you in your home or yard, it also offers a great place for someone to hide behind if they are watching your home. In order to combat this, keep plants, grass, and shrubs no higher than two feet tall. This ensures that no one can hide out behind them, and still gives your home a nice curb appeal.

2. Make Use of Outdoor Lights

Make Use of Outdoor Lights
By Famartin – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0 on Wikimedia

According to House Method, outdoor lights are a great way to deter intruders. Keeping your home’s exterior well lit will means you can easily see someone approaching the house, and so can your neighbors. If you’re not great at remembering to turn your lights on every night, consider putting your hardwired lights on a timer to come on automatically or investing in solar-powered landscape lights that will illuminate as soon as the sun goes down.

3. Use Gravel to Amplify Sound

Use Gravel to Amplify Sound
Photo by Jason Sikes from Pexels

Gravel may not be the most beautiful landscaping choice, but it’s a very secure one. Gravel amplifies sound when someone is walking on it, making it difficult for an intruder to sneak up on you or your home. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your dream landscape design by surrounding your home with stones, but consider putting gravel on your walkway or the areas around your windows so it will deter someone from trying to sneak up.

4. Plant Thorny Bushes Under Windows

Image by Maaark from Pixabay

Unless you happen to leave your dead-bolt doors unlocked, that’s not going to be the first place a burglar will try to get into your home. Windows are usually a very vulnerable security spot because they’re easy to open, are away from most security cameras, and typically don’t have security sensors on them. To combat this, plant shrubs and bushes that are sharp and have thorns around those areas. This will create a good barrier to your home and potentially injure anyone who attempts to go through them.

5. Keep Your Lawn Mowed to Make Your Home Look Occupied

When you’re going on vacation, it’s an obvious security measure to make sure your house looks occupied. However, this is actually important to do even when you’re home. When you let your lawn become overgrown, you’re leaving the impression that no one is home to take care of it. Robbers know that people set timers on lights to make it appear that they’re home, but an unmanicured lawn isn’t something that can be controlled by a cell phone 100 miles away.

Make a habit of mowing your lawn every week and keeping your landscaping trimmed and clean. Even worse than someone breaking into your home when you’re gone is someone breaking in when you’re there, putting you at greater risk.


Landscaping can play a big role in keeping your home safe and secure. It’s important to take as many measures as possible to keep intruders away from your house. Security cameras and systems are a great investment, but the small steps can add up to a big difference and shouldn’t be discounted simply because your home is armed with a camera.

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