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Keep Cool During Summer Months with an Outdoor Living Space

by Anthony
Outdoor Living Space

It is estimated that 12% of the population will live off the grid by 2035. In order to build the most efficient homestead to cut the cord and live comfortably off the land, you’ll want to consider including a plan for an outdoor living space to enjoy during the warmer months. Not only will your outdoor living area be a pleasure to enjoy, it also makes practical sense for keeping cooling costs down. By creating shade to keep the sun out of the house, and also moving the cooking out of the kitchen, you’ll keep cool and comfortable without the AC. 

Keep It Cool

The sun beating into the windows of your home will cause your home to become much warmer than the outside temperature. A sliding glass door is a great way to bring the outdoors in, but if those sliders get direct sunlight, you’ll be creating a greenhouse effect that will heat the rest of your home. Installing retractable awnings will protect you from sunlight and also block harmful UV rays, according to marygrove.comAwnings can be enjoyed outside, providing welcome respite from the sun, but they also keep the sun from heating up the rest of your home through your windows. This will ultimately keep your cooling bills and effort low.

Outdoor Living Space
Image by Rhys Ludlow from Pixabay

Move It Outside

In addition to the seating space you’ll create outside with your awning, having an option to prepare your meals al fresco. Especially if you have a smaller home, an outdoor kitchen and dining area will provide extra room to entertain guests. You can also incorporate additional food and equipment storage outside, which can be helpful if your inside kitchen is small and lacks storage. You can also prepare hot meals outside without creating additional heat inside on already warm days,

Whether you are putting together the plans for your new homestead, or simply upgrading your existing home, make sure to include plans for an outdoor living space to cut costs of cooling your home in the warm summer months. You’ll be able to enjoy the additional square footage of a covered patio, and the shade over your windows will help keep things cool. Without introducing more heat, you’ll be able to cook in your outdoor kitchen, also adding prep and storage space for supplies.

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