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5 Kitchen Storage Ideas for a Tiny House

by Anthony
Kitchen Storage Ideas for Your Tiny House

Out of all the spaces in a homestead, the kitchen is one of the rooms where organization plays a key role. Consider all of the items that go into a kitchen. There are pots, pans, spices, utensils–the list goes on. If the items in your kitchen don’t have a dedicated place, then it can be easy to end up with clutter. Now, imagine the importance of organized storage in a tiny homestead kitchen.

A tiny house is typically no more than 500 square feet and often focuses on a simple, minimalist way of living. With only a fraction of that square footage dedicated to kitchen space, it’s important to incorporate creative storage solutions into your tiny house kitchen. Let’s take a look at some space saving essentials to help you keep your kitchen and tiny home organized.

     1. Mason Jars

Mason Jars - kitchen storage ideas. Homesteadandprepper.com

Store spices and other yummy ingredients in good ‘ol fashioned mason jars. The tops of the jars can be attached to the underside of an overhead cabinet so the jars can be screwed right in. Not only will they look great, but they’re also a creative and out-of-the-way storage solution.

And as a survivalist homesteader, you can imagine the variety of reasons you might need to store away a lot of food.

     2.  Hang Up as Much as You Can

While it’s relatively common to hang chopping knives and other utensils, it’s less common to see hanging pots and pans. Consider putting your pots and pans on display along a wall or in an overhead space. You’ll free up a large amount of cabinet space for other important things you’ll need in your tiny home.

     3.  Add Shelving Wherever Possible

Create extra storage space by adding shelving wherever you can – even in those small nooks and crannies. By doing so, you won’t need to have as many bulky cabinets. In a tiny space, it makes sense to make the most of what you have!

     4.  Keep Appliances to a Minimum

Free up your countertop and cabinets by getting rid of all the large appliances you don’t need. Instead of a coffee machine, consider purchasing a French press – you’ll save energy too! An oven can also do just as much as a microwave can if you’re looking to really save surface space.

     5.  Fresh Fruit and Veg Storage

When it comes to fruit and vegetables, it’s nice to have them in eyesight so they can be eaten before they go bad. In a residential home, a bag of apples might go in a bowl on the countertop – but in a tiny house this takes up precious surface space. Instead, hang your fresh fruits and veggies in a net or basket – picture a little hammock for your food!

Taking the time to add creative storage solutions to your tiny house kitchen allows you to make the most of your small space. With a little creativity, a tiny kitchen can be just as functional as a larger-scale kitchen. Not only do these ideas work in a tiny house, but they’re also useful in any type of smaller space.

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