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Our Review of RZ Masks From RZ Industries

by Anthony

Last week I received a phone call from the guys over at RZ masks, a manufacturer of air filtration masks. Truthfully, I’ve never heard of the company before but after some research I realized that they are extremely popular within the motocross community. The gentleman I spoke to told me that he has had an influx of request for filtration masks from the preparedness community. Come to find out, their masks are far superior than those being promoted to the prepper community.

They offered to send me a few masks with filter and asked me to give my opinion. A week or so passed and a package arrived at my door. I was extremely excited to see my new addition to my get home bag. The first thing I noticed was how lightweight and compact these masks actually are. Currently I have the traditional Israeli M64 masks packed in my GHB. They take up a lot of room when you start adding filters and such. Needless to say these new air filtration units from RZ where a pleasant surprise.

I opened the package and tried one on, what a fit! There is no messing around with seals and the fit is quite comfortable. The filters come in all types of grades depending on what your intended use is. Surprisingly, replacement filters are far more less expensive than traditional filter cartridges for my M64 mask.

I give these guys 2 thumbs up and 5 stars! So if you are looking for a QUALITY addition to your preps, please check these guys out!

BTW, I do not get paid for any endorsements, if a product does not work for me, I don’t publish a review.

Here is some other information about RZ masks. Scroll down and click on “next page”.

The RZ Mask is a premium breathing protection mask, designed to be comfortable, but extremely effective. In any emergency situation your top priority is obviously your safety and the safety of those you love. The RZ Mask provides top of the line lung protection when you’re at risk. With two different models, the M1 Neoprene, and the M2 Mesh, you are provided options for different climates and different situations. The M1 is recommended for mild to cold temperatures, as the durable neoprene protects your face from the elements. The M2 is ideal for warm to mild temperatures as it is made out of a moisture wicking material to keep your face cool. Each mask has two one-way discharge valves to dispel condensation, keeping your face dry and preventing fogging of goggles or glasses. The adjustable nose piece also helps combat fogging. The RZ Mask has 3 different types of filters. They are:

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