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How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse: Happy Halloween!

by Anthony

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse: Happy HalloweenWhat is more terrifying than the walking dead? Not much. This Halloween, make sure you’re prepared for the most terrifying apocalyptic scenario yet!

While the chances of an actual disease that spreads and turns mankind into zombies are very low, there are a few deadly bacteria and diseases that replicate “zombie-like” symptoms. A few of these are rabies, sleeping sickness, nodding disease, and running amok (yes, this is real). In the event that one of these diseases suddenly become an epidemic, we want you to be ready.

For zombies, there are several situations you need to be especially prepared for: protection, food/water, shelter, and first aid.



Now unless you’ve recently watched World War Z, you probably are envisioning a slow moving, stiff zombie. And if one of these awful diseases listed above actually ends up spreading at a rapid rate, the infected people are going to be slow moving and confused. If a zombie is coming after you, you could always just run away. That should be your go-to move so you don’t accidently become infected yourself.

However, like in any good zombie movie, there will probably be times when you’re cornered. So what weapons are going to give you the most bang for your buck? A gun comes to mind first. Unfortunately, a handgun is probably not going to have enough firepower to really protect yourself. Remember, zombies will not be affected by pain the same way we are. Your best bet for survival is going to be with a short barrel, 12-gauge shotgun. That thing will literally blast apart your zombie enemies. I would recommend a Remington 870 Express. This gun is extremely reliable, and it will only put you out about $420. 

While a shotgun has easy blasting power, storing enough bullets can be a problem. As a back up, I would consider buying a machete. This is going to allow you to keep your distance from those sickly beings, and still stop them in their tracks. Specifically look at the  [easyazon_link identifier=”B0091AVTR8″ locale=”US” tag=”hpgen-20″]Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete [/easyazon_link] from Amazon for about $30. This is an affordable option that feels good in the hand, can chop through wood easily, and is a good thickness. You definitely don’t want your machete to heat up with all those limbs you’ll be chopping! The last thing you need is a warped knife. This one won’t have that problem!

Food and Water


During a zombie apocalypse, anywhere could become a danger zone. You might need to be on the move. Having light but high calorie food items in your backpack will be critical. First, check out our previous pemmican recipe. This is basically a delicious ball of beef jerky that will provide lots of calories. Another option would be [easyazon_link identifier=”B00NGYGCH2″ locale=”US” tag=”hpgen-20″]premade calorie bars.[/easyazon_link]

After you have those nicely packed away, you’ll want some ways to gather food on your own. Make sure you know some edible plants in your area, and carry some wire to make spring traps for small critters like squirrels. These are very easy to make after a little practice. Basically you take your wire, tie it in a square knot to a tree branch or stake. Then make an overhand knot leaving a small little loop. Thread the rest of your wire through that loop and then you’ve created a little squirrel noose.

Water could potentially be tricky. Make sure to carry a few day’s worth in your pack, and buy a high grade water filter. Straining water through a cloth first will get all the dirt and grime out.



You’re going to want to find shelter somewhere a zombie won’t likely sniff you out. Who wants to wake up to the hungry grunting of the living dead? That means you need to be up high or well hidden. Investing in a lightweight hammock would reduce your backpack weight, and get you off the ground.

If you shelter in place, you may need to create some camouflage to keep away unwanted zombies and other humans who may be desperate to steal your supplies. Make your house look like it has been raided already. Throw trash on the lawn, bust a few windows to rooms with doors that lock (you don’t want a zombie crawling through that hole you just made), remove all the food and other supplies from the first floor, and then hide out in your basement or a back room. You may want to go as far as leaving a dead animal–or better yet, dead zombie–in the yard or doorway. The stench should keep away zombies and humans alike!


First Aid


This is going to be very important. The last thing you need is people getting picked off from infections, and your diseased humans spreading their “zombiness” among your ranks. Anyone showing any flu-like symptoms, or have an infection from a cut, should be isolated. These people may not be zombie’s yet, but they have the potential to turn. If they don’t turn in a few days, no harm done. If they do… well you will have to decide if you set them free or take care of them out back.

Isolation means you’ll need to have plastic painting sheets in your storage. When someone needs to be isolated, take these sheets and duct tape them to the ceiling, the wall, and each other to make a box around the person’s bed. Make sure vents are covered as well. If zombie disease spreads through a virus, you don’t want that stuff spreading through your house! If possible, have a different location than your shelter for your sick to heal.

Finally, make sure you stock up on some heavy duty cleaning gloves, masks, goggles, and painter’s protection suits/ponchos. Buy these from your local dollar store. Each time you interact with the sick, you’ll want to throw out your protection. If you don’t have these items, it’s best if you just give the ill some supplies and leave them completely alone. Bleach will be your best friend for cleaning your house for zombie bacteria and viruses.

Hope these tips help you become more prepared for a zombie invasion, and that you have become a little more prepared this Halloween!

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