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Top 4 Must-Know Tips to Protecting Your Home During the Holidays

by Anthony
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Homes are a safe-haven. With that in mind, it is crucial to keep them safe from burglars and other dangers. People go miles to protect their home. They use the latest home security technology, having security dogs, motion-sensor doors, and electric fences, among others. All these are well and good. However, that doesn’t mean you can relax. You need to be more vigilant when it comes to home safety. There are some must-know tips to ensuring your home stays safe over the holiday. They are as follows.

Avoid Hiding Your Spare Keys in Known Spots

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Over time, everyone gets accustomed to purchasing a fake rock or birdhouse to conceal their extra key. Some leave it under the welcome mat. It has become a common practice that you ought to stop if you haven’t. Home invaders know the first step into getting in a home is by searching for the spare key before they use force. If you are afraid of losing your extra keys, how about you leave them with a trusted neighbor or family member and allies?

Never Leave Your House Empty During the Holidays

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Home invaders try to force their way into homes that become occupied. You should strive your best not to leave your home unoccupied. You can ask a friend or relative to watch over your house. However, at times, they may not come through to assisting you. Don’t be disappointed. You have the option of finding a trusted house sitters Australia. They can watch over your home, take care of your pets, and water your garden and so much more. Leaving your home under the supervision of a trusted individual enables you to enjoy your holiday with minimal stress.

Avoid Posting on Social Media

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Social media is a fun platform to share holiday experiences with friends from all over the world. One might be too excited about their vacation and begin posting immediately they are away from home. It might attract unwanted traffic to your home. Some home invaders pose as friends so that they can monitor your whereabouts. To be safe, why not post about your vacation when you return from your trip?

Keep Your Valuables in a Safe

Do you have valuable objects within the home and don’t have a bank safety box? Get a home safe where you can store them. Items such as money, jewelry, guns shouldn’t be lying around aimlessly. They need to be in a secure safe where only you and your immediate family know the combination. You should bear in mind that sometimes thieves are often people that know you well or have been to your house previously. They might be curious and intelligent individuals who might opt to take your valuables to a pawn shop to sell them.


The main idea of protecting your home is to keep your family safe and to guard your property and valuables. Be aware of your immediate surroundings and know what’s new in your neighborhood. Any suspicious activity going on should get noted. However, when on holiday, one may fail to remember this. Having a security system isn’t enough. You can get trusted house sitters Australia to monitor your property when out of town.

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