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Top Tips Urban Preppers Must Know About Rangefinders

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Rangefinders are starting to become more popular, being the tool that is often utilized in various situations besides prepping, such as hunting, mountaineering or even golfing. This is mainly because of the immense value that a rangefinder can provide in these many areas.

Investing in a rangefinder would be worth it as you use it to obtain immediate feedback for each club you hit, while still being able to use it when you are mountaineering to get from one point to another. Here are some tips that urban preppers can use to make the most of a rangefinder.

Tip 1: Improving your target accuracy

Honing your shooting accuracy is one important skill for a prepper. There are several situations which your ability to aim properly could save you a tremendous amount of trouble, even your life!

For example, when a person such as a robber had taken a gun or a knife to threaten you, being able to shoot accurately can put you at an edge. Sometimes, it is not best to shoot the person directly and causing hurt to him because it may only make him aggressive which will worsen the situation. Instead, you can just sling a lead shot to peel off some wood of a nearby bark or just break a nearby lamp.

Having such a skill can give you options to choose from, which gives you loads of options as a backup plan. How do you improve your accuracy with a rangefinder? To improve your shots, you would need feedback on how accurate you shoot while experimenting with different variables. A rangefinder would be what you need to get that kind of feedback.

As you are out in the field, either hitting a target with an arrow or using a gun, you will want feedback to better yourself. But targeting using a rangefinder is a skill by itself, where you have to avoid mistakes such as focusing on the wrong target which is usually present after a certain level of magnification.

Sniping is one aspect which you can explore as a prepper as well. Remember, essentially sniping is the ability to calculate distance effectively. Usually, people will give up on long-distance shooting because they are not able to estimate the range required to reach the target.

Tip 2: Learn to have a better understanding of your surroundings

Knowing where you are and where you should go would no doubt improve your chances of survival. A rangefinder is the perfect tool for you to scout around unchartered terrains, where several methods can be employed to do so.

There are some aspects you can consider. For example, you can find out which position you can take to have a clear shot towards your target. A rangefinder can be used where you can magnify and see different ways you can make your shot.

This survival skill can even be useful for you to increase your hunting success! By utilizing a rangefinder, you would understand how animals behave and see different aspects of how you can approach your game.

Another aspect understanding your terrain can help would be helping you when you get lost in the woods. If you accidentally get lost, having situational awareness can give you a mental edge. You will feel more ready as compared to those who are unaware of their surroundings. You will also know the distance you have to travel to another point, which is essential information when you want to decide where to go.

Tip 3: Distancing yourself from danger

This would be useful for hunting or when you are faced with immediate threats. When you are stalking your game, one wrong step or even shooting the wrong thing can cause the animal to be alert with your presence. In using a rangefinder, you can effectively observe your game with minimal movement.

As you are moving closer quietly to your game, you need to maintain the accuracy of your shot while doing so. Being able to do this can give you the confidence that you need to shoot from a further distance which is essential to distance yourself from incoming threats.

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Tip 4: Using it to keep a watchful eye on your surroundings

When SHTF, you may need to keep yourself constantly alert of your surroundings. A rangefinder would be the perfect tool for you to be ‘on guard’ on a set perimeter of location as you are able to scout for any potential human or animal threat.

Utilizing a rangefinder to scout an area may require a lot of juice. It would be wise that you carry extra batteries if you are running such operations. Make sure that you have enough to get around so that you can be at your edge when you prep!


After you understand and know how to use these tips, you would be able to get an edge in prepping! However, there are some common mistakes which you must look out for too. You have to be aware of some possible mistakes such as relying on the maximum range estimate that is given in your rangefinder. Keep in mind that the stated estimate is only when you target highly reflective surfaces, and not those surfaces.

It would be wise to keep your rangefinder in a good condition by investing in optic care as well. Although generally a rangefinder is a sturdy piece of equipment, you may want to take care of it since it is also a sensitive instrument. Having a good carrying case can take you a long way! If you have any other tips or experience to share, please do so below!

Finally, it would be a good idea to know what you would do if you were shot in return. You might want to know how to build a gunshot trauma kit to lessen any damage you have taken.

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